About Us


Our operation started when the founder decided to examine the possibility of producing Insulating Sleeves. After a year of hard working with the aim of producing sleeve in standard class of B and introducing it to the market, due to consumers welcome the product and our passion to work in the field, we continued our operation in numbers of small workshops in the city of Tehran during 1983 to 1988.


due to our satisfied customers along with our desire for expanding the variety of our products and due to the ministry of Industry and Commerce recommendation for increasing the production capacity, TLV Company expanded its facilities to meet the market requirements. According to our researches and integration plans, TLV company started to produce insulating sleeves in standard class of C and H in less than a year after displacement.


decided to start a new line of product, named Heat Resistant Wire. With the help of our team expertise and relentless efforts of them, we succeeded in producing single- and double-layer Heat resistant Wires which are used for variety of specific applications.


TLV group was honored as exemplary production unit via ministry of industry in Iran. Through the years, we have reached to a reliable point of expertise that we can fulfil every king of our customer’s needs in this field.


TLV group started its activity in trading and supplying the customers with world-class products used for insulation purposes in electrical equipment.


TLV group became an official agent for supplying Glass Fiber yarn in Middle east and Russia. We also provide different forms of tin-plated copper wires to our customers.