Commercial goods

With the help of our experts in the field and the aim of accomplishment the needs of our customers for electrical insulation materials, trading department of TLV group has been stablished in order to supply the best material for our customers.

Specific electrical insulation materials such as Mica sheet and roll, Presspahn papers, Nomex (NMN) and Mylar, Electrical insulation resin and Electrical insulation tape (Glass fiber tape) are available for customers and we guarantee the best materials for your safety and insulation purposes.

Tin plated copper wire with different specifications are available for making wires and cables.


TLV group is an official agent for supplying Glass fiber yarn in the Middle east and Russia.

  • Mica sheet and roll
  • Presspahn paper
  • Nomex and Mylar
  • Electrical insulation resin
  • Electrical insulation tape (Glass fiber tape)
  • Glass fiber yarn
  • Tinned bunch copper wire