Electrical Insulating Sleeve

Electrical Insulating sleeves (Varnish) are used as an additional mechanical protection in electrical and electronic equipment to improve electrical insulation and to protect from heat, electrical and mechanical stress of transformers, motors, generators, rotary machines and many of electric machines.

Our protective sleeves can be braided by either polyester or glass fiber and coated with whatever material (PVC, Polyurethane, Silicon) you need.

TLV group provides wide range of insulating sleeves in the form of rings and as section according to customers’ orders.

Sleeves can be made of different colors and dimensions ranging from 0.5mm to 50mm and they can be braided by either polyester or glass fiber. Tubes can be coated with any materials (PVC, Polyurethane, Silicon) based on required temperature classes ranging from -70c to +700c.

For more information, please check out the product tables and related documents in download section.