TLV Group has focused on suppling high quality Electrical Insulation Products.

Our Team believes in continues quality improvement and responsibility.

Our job is to offer qualified products toward safety and best performance in electric machines.


TLV group has focused on manufacturing high quality Insulating Sleeves and Heat Resistant Wires and Cables for more than 3 decades in order to accomplish the needs of customers for wide variety of industrial applications such as electromechanical equipment, household appliances, lighting industry, automotive, railway, refinery and extraction equipment and so on.

Trading department of TLV group provides its customers with variety of electrical insulation materials such as Mica sheets and roll, Presspahn paper, Nomex (NMN) and Mylar, Electrical Insulation Resins, Electrical Insulation Tapes, Tinned bunch Copper Wires and Glass Fiber yarn which are used in electrical and electronic industries.

We guarantee the best in terms of quality and safety for appropriate types of applications. We are the only manufacturer of insulating sleeves in Iran and our customers are of the best supplier of electrical equipment over the region.

All of our products meet the current standards of wiring and insulation.

38+Years of Exprience


Find out who we are


Our operation started in 1982, when the founder decided to examine the possibility of producing Insulating Sleeves.

After a year of hard working with the aim of producing sleeve in standard class of B and introducing it to the market, due to consumers welcome the product and our passion to work in the field, we continued our operation in numbers of small workshops in the city of Tehran during 1983 to 1988.


Commercial goods

With the help of our experts in the field and the aim of accomplishment the needs of our customers for electrical insulation materials, trading department of TLV group has been stablished in order to supply insulation related goods   for our customers.

  • Mica sheet and roll
  • Presspahn paper
  • Glass fiber yarn